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Main Distinctive Features of MAS-1 Spirometer


Спирометр МАС-1 купить. Спироанализаторы       Спирометр МАС-1 цена. Спироанализатор

Spirometer МАS-1
monochrome built-in screen

Spirometer МАS-1
a color built-in screen
Цена спирометра МАС-1. Спироанализаторы       Купить спирометр МАС-1. Спироанализатор
Spirometer МАS-1
without a built-in screen
      Spirometer МАS-1
requires connection to PC


Cертификат СЕ 1023 на все выпускаемые модификации МАС-1 Cертификат системы менеджмента качества EN ISO 13485:2003 IQNet сертификат
EC Certificate No 10 0171 SJ dated 19.07.2010   Certificate of Quality Management System Conformity with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 IQNet Certificate Annex to IQNet Certificate
EC Certificate No 10 0456 QS/NB dated 28.05.2010


About us

Our company has launched production of MAS-1 Spirometers about 20 years ago in Minsk.

Today Unitechprom BSU UE is one of the leading manufacturers of the spirometric equipment in CIS.

Reliability, Durability and Simplicity

Produced by our company MAS-1 Spirometers have been operating in medical institutions of Belarus since 1996. As a result of continuous endeavors of our specialists, the quality level of our manufactured equipment and its reliability is constantly increasing.



Deputy Director of Institute, Executive Director of the Republican Public Associacion (RPA) Belarusian Respiratory Society,PhD, Associate Professor, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, O. Kalechits …

Head of the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry of the Educational Institution “Belarusian State University of Physical Culture”, Ph.D. of Biologic Science, Associate Professor,I.Rubchenya

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